What’s going on with that property down the street?” Have you ever found yourself asking that question when you see surveyors working in your neighborhood, or a local building being torn down or refurbished?

Have you ever wondered how you could be kept “in the loop?” Then come and participate with the Reseda Neighborhood Council’s Planning and Land Use Management Committee.

Some development projects that are done within Los Angeles are “by-right” developments which are perfectly allowable under current zoning law and do not require any specific permission or hearings. Others are “discretionary actions,” meaning they need to be approved by the city before proceeding.

These would be any projects that require changes to the General Land Use map for the area, changes to the lot zoning, dividing of lots, development of multi-residential housing, and development or changes on most commercial properties. In the “discretionary actions” one of the first steps developers are requested to make is to present their plans to the local Neighborhood Council for their input and approval. For Reseda, these land use issues are generally handled by the Planning and Land Use Management Committee of the RNC.

Your PLUM Committee meets when needed, usually on the first Thursday of the month 6 PM at Reseda NC Community Space. We schedule hearings on all the various projects being proposed within Reseda. We listen to the applicant’s request and encourage participation by all Reseda stakeholders so that we can advise the Reseda Neighborhood Council Board on whether the project is appropriate for Reseda or not, and in what form.