In the election that is coming for the Reseda Neighborhood Council Elections. Election Day is April 17 and On Line voting begins on March 27. We encourage you to exercise your right to vote on Election Day.




I currently am a Board Member of the Reseda Neighborhood Council. I also have designed and maintain the Reseda NC Website. I teach at Magnolia Science Academy



Life-long resident of the West SF Valley

  • Music Director of the San Fernando Valley Symphony Orchestra, o Instructor at Pierce College
  • Past District Governor for Rotary International District 5260. Responsible for local operations of 32 Rotary Clubs in the San Fernando and Antelope Valleys.
  • Past President of the Winnetka Chamber of Commerce. (3 years).
  • BA degree from UCLA,Masters degree from USC



I currently serve the Community of Reseda as the President of the Reseda Neighborhood Council, member of the Reseda Rising Steering Committee for the LANI Commission / Great Streets Initiative, and as a LADOT Traffic Officer assigned to the Valley Division. I have also served as Vice President, Chair of Outreach, and sat on several other committies.I live in Reseda with my wife of 25 years and I also have 2 sons who live in Reseda. Reseda was once considered the 'Heart' of the Valley, for shopping, dining, music entertainment, and automobiles. I believe that I have the leadership skills and vision required to lead the Reseda NC and to help our community to become more informed, engaged, and to have a stronger voice in our city.



I would like to help my community and make Reseda a place where people are proud to live and work.



hi, my name is Mark, I'm 31 years old and a big advocate for community involvement. I was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, but also lived in Florida and San Diego before settling in Reseda, Ca. I've witnessed first hand how different municipalities/ local councils operated whether good or bad. I plan to bring an outside perspective to the council to better assist the constituents in having a voice for their neighborhood.



For 25 years I’ve co-owned/operated the Buonora Child Development Centers; a group of schools offering licensed Preschool, Kindergarten and Summer Camp for children eighteen months to twelve years, since 1988, as well as Early Intervention programs for children with special needs, from birth to five years, plus an extensive Parent Resource Center. In addition, I have a background in construction project management, am a published author, and am a licensed Spiritual Practitioner and Reiki master. I am the father of two young adult daughters, two young adult sons, and a grandfather. We are a mix of race and ethnicity, all grounded in the love of family. I am currently an active and caring 2nd year Business Member of the RNC



I have been a resident of Reseda since 2008, where I own and operate a small business providing IT services to other commercial businesses, non-profit. and public sector organizations in the City of Los Angeles and LA County since 2001. I served our country and community as a commissioned officer in the US Marines, and I am a disabled veteran as a result of my service. I want to represent and serve all people who live, work, and interact with our neighborhood and make it the great place again as the hub of the San Fernando Valley



 David Garner currently serves as the Vice President of the Reseda Neighborhood Council where he is an At-Large Representative Board Member, the Chair of the Outreach Committee and a Budget Representative for the City of Los Angeles. Prior to these roles, David was the Chair of the Ad-Hoc Committee on Office Management and Scheduling where he worked with Reseda stakeholders to help open the new Reseda NC Community Space that has served as a gathering place for neighborhood council meetings, the Mayor’s Youth Council, AARP, Inc. (formerly the American Association of Retired Persons), and other agencies. David led Reseda NC’s effort in the 2015 valley-wide Citrus Sunday event that collected thousands of pounds of fruit that were donated to local food shelters and pantries for individuals in need. David received his B.A. from UC Berkeley in Peace and Conflict Studies, resides in Reseda with his wife and two daughters and works as a Dean of Students at Magnolia Science Academy-8 in Bell.



My name is Priscilla Anchondo. I have been a resident of Reseda for more than 12 yearhaving lived and worked in the San Fernando Valley since 1990. Driving across the Valley every day, I have watched how traffic has grown. When I ride my bike or walk for recreation on the weekends, I look to see how cars, bikes and pedestrians share the roads. For the past 3 years, I've been a member of the RNC Transportation Committee, supporting better streets and bikeways in Reseda. I have also volunteered for the 'Take Back the Sidewalks' clean-up program sponsored by CPAB (LAPD Community Police Advisory Board). In January this year, I was voted in as an interim member of the RNC and have worked to reinstate the clean-up program starting February, 2016, under the sponsorship of Reseda Neighborhood Council and CPAB.



I am an At-Large Community Stakeholder, because I attend M.T.O. Shahmaghsoudi® bachelor’s degree in Honors English from Cal State University, Northridge and a master’s degree from Midwestern University in biomedical science with research experience on a rare brain tumor found in children. I am currently earning a doctoral degree in public health from Loma Linda University with a specific focus on health education and promotion. Community health promotion is very important to me, so I am the founder and chair of Reseda Neighborhood Council’s Health & Wellness Committee, which aims to raise community awareness of health related resources as well as to improve the health and wellness of the community through education and health promotion activities. As a current Reseda Neighborhood Council Boardmember At-Large Stakeholder, I would like to continue to uphold my responsibilities on the Board.



I am presently on the Board of the Reseda Neighborhood Council. I'm active as Vice Chair on the following committees--Finance, Plum (Planning land Use management) and Ah Hoc/RNC Community Space.


(No Photo Available)

Ongoing involvement at ONEgeneration Senior Enrichment Center including being on and attending monthly Advisory Council meetings, Senior Symposium PlannCommittee monthly/weekly meetings, participating and volunteering at this annual event for a number of years. I also try to go to the Center at least twice a week and attend events held there when possible. I am a long time resident of Reseda (91335) and have seen the changes over the years that have taken place in the community. (Photo Not Available)

Attention all stakeholders of the Reseda Neighborhood Council:

The Candidates have all been registered and will be certified for the election to fill 9 seats of the 16 on the Reseda Neighborhood Council.

We encourage all stakeholders that live, work, own property or business and otherwise belong to an organization in Reseda to familiarize themselves with the candidates and plan to vote on APril 17. 

You also for the first time have the opportunity to vote on line. To do so you must register before April 10.

On this page, click the register to vote button and follow the directions on the EmpowerLA website.

You can check out the candidates in the March edition of the Reseda NC Monthly newsletter, which will begin being delivered this week at a location near you.


Calling ALL Volunteers

Its once again time to TAKE BACK THE SIDEWALKS. This successful program that cleaned up the sidewalks and surrounding areas for a large part of Reseda has returned.

At last week's Reseda Neighborhood Council Meeting, it was decided that the Reseda Neighborhood Council would partner with AARP to provide FREE TAX preparation to Seniors and others of low income in Reseda and surrounding areas.

Neighborhood Council Election
On April 17, the City of Los Angeles will hold its Neighborhood Council Elections for Region 3, which is where Reseda resides. This will give the Reseda stakeholders several opportunities to get involved in their community and have their voices heard.
One way is to run for one of the 7 open seats that will be up for election. 
Another way for you to get involved will be to vote for who you would like to see representing the Community on the Reseda Neighborhood Council board.
And yet another opportunity for you to get involved would be to come out and help with the Elections on April 17, 2016. We will need help setting up, poll workers, greeters, etc.
There you have it... several GREAT ways to get involved in your community.
The Reseda Neighborhood Council Community Space will host the Elections at 18118 Sherman Way in Reseda.
Stay tuned to our website, Facebook page, newsletter, or our storefront for more info and candidates.
Important Dates
Neighborhood Council Elections in Region 3
12/1/2015               Online Voting Registration Begins - portal (
1/3/2016                 Candidate Registration Begins
2/17/2016               Candidate Registration Closes
2/27/2015               Candidate Challenge Period Ends
3/2/2016                 Last Date for Candidate Withdrawal
3/3/2016                 Candidates Certified              
3/27/2016               Online Voting Begins
4/10/2016               Online Voting Registration Closes
4/17/2016               Election Day
4/22/2016               Election Challenge
4/22/2016               Election Certified