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It's hard to be hateful when you're grateful!


LiveHappy is extremely grateful to be given the opportunity to spread a message of positive power to the Reseda neighborhood. In 2013 LiveHappy celebrated it's first UN sanctioned International Day of Happiness in major cities across the globe. The intent is to shift our common success driven formula to one focused on happiness through purpose and culture. When people are united through a common cause or belief we create trust within the community. 

Happiness is at the core of all our hopes for a good life and we want to celebrate the driving force to our ambitions. We want to create the space where connections can be felt. A space where diversity can be admired. We want to emphasize on the emotions that put the Unity in Community. On March 19 we will be bringing a LiveHappy wall to the Reseda Neighborhood Council for all visitors to share what makes them happy. By the end of the day we will have an entire wall full of positive message from the lovely people of this town. 

So bring your smiles because it will be a fun day full of music, food, and Happiness!